Kings Head Theatre


Role: Janet Majors

Dir: Benji Sperring

"Thankfully musical theatre royalty is present in the shape of Julie Atherton and her interpretation of Janet Majors is one of the highlights of the show, reinforcing her status as one of this country’s most versatile musical theatre stars."

The Stage

Updated: Mar 9

Rush of Life is Julie's third album, with songs written for her by Craig Adams, Dougal Irvine, Lance Horne, George Maguire and Benedict.

Updated: Mar 9

Finborough Theatre & Park Theatre


Role: Thérèse Raquin

Dir: Nona Shepphard

"The success of this show however, ultimately rests upon the slender and adulterous (though only in character, of course) shoulders of Julie Atherton as Thérèse. On stage for virtually the entire show, Atherton is silent for the first fourty-five minutes, before releasing her pent up desire for Laurent in the passionate I Breathe You In, sung as the two lovers consummate their lust. In the final act, her contribution to the duet If I Had Known are spine tingling."

Jonathan Baz

Cast album:

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